Sunday, September 29

Some miniature apartment therapy

 So I used to sew clothes for dolls... because I used to actively collect Blythe and ball jointed dolls. (Here is a link to a fun challenge that I did, 40 days of sewing doll stuff!)

Now that I've skipped to larger projects and sewing classes, I am not so drawn to making those tiny things anymore. That is until I visited my friend Filipa from Tiny Feet magazine in Portugal, and she suggested that someone (me) should start making covers for the couch in this Ikea doll house furniture set:

Nearly every Blythe collector has bought this set, including me. It is so cute!

So in the last few weeks I have been making loads of tiny pillows and other home accessories! I am on a creative roll haha... It made me interested in stamps and painting/drawing on fabric. It also gave me a chance to use tiny bits if cute fabric again. And pose my Kenner Blythe <3

In case you have dolls too and you want to have a look in my shop, here's a link

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TeenyWeenyDesign said...

Hoi Brenda,

Even een compliment maken! Wát een geweldig idee om hoesjes te maken voor de IKEA poppenbankjes. Hoe kóm je erop? En ook de andere accessoires zijn geweldig!
Nog veel succes!