Tuesday, April 3


Last weekend I went thriftshopping with my parents and their foster kids. I found this cute cup and saucer, an embroidered illustration of roses and a BSB Decor sticker decall from the 70s.

I also found a vintage denim Levi's blouse for Ruud. But my best find of all was a bag full of playline Barbie dolls for the newest foster kid, a 10 year old girl. The dolls were in fairly good condition which made it even more incredible that I paid a mindblowing 1 euro for the whole bag!

The bag included 2 dark skinned Flavas dolls, a Bratz Yasmin doll and some kind of singing princess Barbie. Also a Generation Girl and 2 Kens and loads of Barbies from around 1990 :) We didn't find a lot of clothes though, so she got all these dolls and barely enough clothes to dress them. My doll loving heart hurt but she didn't seem to mind at all :)

Remember the Flavas?

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