Wednesday, January 1

Fave Five Crafting Experiences of 2013

It's January 1st... 2014! It seems by now we should have flying cars, but I guess having smartphones instead isn't that bad. Looking back on 2013, I realise I did a lot of crafting for just one year. I had quite some new experiences, here are my Fave Five!

5. Made a monkey for my nephew
I didn't blog so much, so I haven't shown you the monkey I made for my sweet nephew (that seems to be getting cuter every day!)

4. Went to sewing class
I had fun going to my sewing class, making some dresses and things I wouldn't normally make. My sewing class has this little shop where I recently bought this 'Make your own retro wardrobe' book that I bet will keep me busy during 2014...

3. Bought an overlocker
The best part of buying an overlocker (or serger) wasn't that I got a bargain... It was actually learning how to use it. Now I use it quite regularly and I wouldn't want to miss it!

2. Diversified my crafting
I stamped, knitted, glued, cut, sewed, serged, drawed, embroidered and so much more... I even tried Fimo clay.


I found it really fun to learn some new techniques! I also met up with a few girls for an afternoon of random crafting and chatting... I'd love to do that more often in 2014!

1. Working on things for my dolly Etsy shop again
So I started making things for dolls again. Not just a bit, nah... my Etsy shop is turning in some sort of miniature Ikea ! ;) I love every minute I spend on this versatile crafty hobby.

In 2014 I will be present as a vendor at Blythecon Europe, I am already looking forward to it!

Monday, November 25

Stamping fun

Last weekend I did a stamping workshop with my friend Jenny at the most lovely crafting (web)shop Noeks.

Who knew that it was sooo much fun to make stamps from a bunch of erasers? Actually it was so addicting that I couldn't stop, so I made some more when I came home! 

Sunday, November 10

Soft toys for the baby nephew

In sewing class I have been working on a soft toy for my cute baby nephew. I am making a monkey from this book:
It took a while though... see how it still needs lots of work?

So last weekend I decided to make a quick soft toy while working on the larger monkey one. I saw a picture somewhere on the interwebs of a cute elephant and drew a similar pattern on a sheet of A4 paper. It was ready in under an hour!

Sunday, September 29

Some miniature apartment therapy

 So I used to sew clothes for dolls... because I used to actively collect Blythe and ball jointed dolls. (Here is a link to a fun challenge that I did, 40 days of sewing doll stuff!)

Now that I've skipped to larger projects and sewing classes, I am not so drawn to making those tiny things anymore. That is until I visited my friend Filipa from Tiny Feet magazine in Portugal, and she suggested that someone (me) should start making covers for the couch in this Ikea doll house furniture set:

Nearly every Blythe collector has bought this set, including me. It is so cute!

So in the last few weeks I have been making loads of tiny pillows and other home accessories! I am on a creative roll haha... It made me interested in stamps and painting/drawing on fabric. It also gave me a chance to use tiny bits if cute fabric again. And pose my Kenner Blythe <3

In case you have dolls too and you want to have a look in my shop, here's a link

Thursday, August 29

Knitting Hack

Knitting is my go-to-craft and although I like to think of myself as creative, I have never really designed a knitting pattern. Today I came close to doing so, when I combined two patterns into a new design.

After knitting up this wonderfull pattern by Tiny Owl Knits...

care of magical creatures charm bracelet 1

my version of the charm bracelet

...I discovered a secret 16th charm that was hidden in the pattern! 

Combine [Bird's Nest] and [Mermaid's Egg] to unlock [Magic Acorn

So that's my hackorn, I'm kind of proud now...

Sunday, August 25

A week of random crafts

No day is too short to do a little crafting. I came up with a week worth of little craft projects. These projects do not take hours of your time but do lift your mood and make you feel all crafty... instantly.

Take a basic coin purse (This one is real leather, has 3 compartments and was 4 euro at Flying Tiger) and sew some random, colourful buttons on it to add some retro funkiness.

Make a necklace that goes with your newest outfit. If you don't have any beads etc. at hand check if you can use pieces of old unwanted jewelry.

Try out your pompon making skills. You can make a keychain or if you have no clue what to do with them yet (like me) just use them as room decoration.

Make a cute pouch for your favourite pair of sunglasses. Line it with soft fabric and add vintage buttons.

Try polymer clay (fimo) for the very first time and try not to mess up too much. Make simple earstuds so you will actually get to wear your first bakings!

Feel like a kid again and do some spool knitting (punniken!). Make a very grown-up necklace with it.

Make your own stamps out of foam sheets. Use them to make a basic notepad super cute! (washi tape optional)

Hope you have a crafty week!

Friday, August 23

Fave five craft inspirations

Do you need crafting inspiration, tutorials, patterns even? I know I do! Here's my five favourite sources of crafting inspiration!

1. Mollie Makes
This magazine is just so inspiring and cute! I love that it always comes with a little craft kit :) Even if I don't always make something from the magazine, it sure is eye candy! I like to read the UK version instead of the Dutch version, because it is more frequent. Subscriptions are now 15% off with the code SUMMER15! (Valid until August 29)

2. Pinterest
Of course. Pinterest, place of great inspiration... How can you make us feel so productive while staring at a screen?

3. Craftgawker
Like pinterest, but without the thinspiration... craftgawker is the place to find your next crafting project. I especially like the fact that there are different categories.

4. Crafting books
So many fun crafting books, so little time! Vintage ones, new ones... who can resist? I purchased "Creatief met stempels" ("Put your stamp on it" by Meagan Lewis) today.

5. Etsy
What better way to be inspired than to see what everyone else is making and selling. Just don't copy-paste someone else's brainchild when you're planning to sell your makings!