Saturday, December 29

Knitting leads to... more knitting

What with holiday time on my hands and several little shopping trips my knitting hobby (and yarn stash) has been taking on embarassing proportions. Am I really taking my knittingbag to family get-togethers? Am I really going to knit up all of this yarn? Is my dear boyfriend really using knitting terminology (Yes, probably not and how the h*ll did that happen?)

So when I heard that I had won the Sew & Make Christmas needlecrafts competition I got all happy (and greedy). When I received my package I realised that it is true: knitting definitely leads to more knitting. But since crafting is one of the more healthy things to do with needles I decided that I should just keep calm and knit on. So currently I am working on 1 cabled sweater, a pair of socks and some hexipuffs (and a secret cardigan that is hibernating).

Anyway: Yay for my 3 skeins of supersoft natural wool, extra cute sheep tape measure and <3 fait avec l'amour labels! I do hope that Santa spoiled you as much as he spoiled me :)

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Tizzalicious said...

Hihi, I loved your healthy needle-things line :P