Sunday, April 7

Spring Closet Rehab - Step 3

Step 3: Closet organisation
View what you have left in your closet and really think about what you have. Can you make a lot of different outfits, mix it up? Do you have enough basics and some more interesting pieces in your closet? Are you missing anything to finish your look?

A fun way to look at your closet differently could be documenting it. There are a lot of fun websites and apps that allow you to document all the items in your closet and that will help you organise your style.

Stylitics is a website and iPhone app that allows you to document your closet (with pictures and a lot of details like brand, fabric etc). You can create outfits and document when you wore them. It will be more "social" in the very near future and an Android app is in the make too.

Clothia is a website and iPad app that looks great, maybe even better than Pinterest. You can share and browse closet items, create outfits etc. There is just not a ton of details to add to your closet items.

Closet Couture has lots of functionalities but is just a bit less pretty to look at, in my opinion.

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