Monday, May 20

Little cabinet of pretties

I was going to show you my thrifty finds from the 'Luikse Markt' in Utrecht this sunday...

... but when I got home I was inspired to do some serious hardcore crafting, and I got to work on this little cabinet I have had for a while and painted red some weeks ago.

I used scraps of paper to decorate the inside, and little screw-in hooks, ribbon and thumb tacks to hang the jewelry from.

I'm not sure it's finished yet, I am very sure that all my trinkets do not fit into it, but I'm super excited to have made this!!


Shannon said...

I need something like this! My jewelry is spread over multiple boxes right across my room!

Juul Victoria said...

I hope you are inspired :) If you need any help making it I'm happy to let you in on all of my secret methods!