Wednesday, January 1

Fave Five Crafting Experiences of 2013

It's January 1st... 2014! It seems by now we should have flying cars, but I guess having smartphones instead isn't that bad. Looking back on 2013, I realise I did a lot of crafting for just one year. I had quite some new experiences, here are my Fave Five!

5. Made a monkey for my nephew
I didn't blog so much, so I haven't shown you the monkey I made for my sweet nephew (that seems to be getting cuter every day!)

4. Went to sewing class
I had fun going to my sewing class, making some dresses and things I wouldn't normally make. My sewing class has this little shop where I recently bought this 'Make your own retro wardrobe' book that I bet will keep me busy during 2014...

3. Bought an overlocker
The best part of buying an overlocker (or serger) wasn't that I got a bargain... It was actually learning how to use it. Now I use it quite regularly and I wouldn't want to miss it!

2. Diversified my crafting
I stamped, knitted, glued, cut, sewed, serged, drawed, embroidered and so much more... I even tried Fimo clay.


I found it really fun to learn some new techniques! I also met up with a few girls for an afternoon of random crafting and chatting... I'd love to do that more often in 2014!

1. Working on things for my dolly Etsy shop again
So I started making things for dolls again. Not just a bit, nah... my Etsy shop is turning in some sort of miniature Ikea ! ;) I love every minute I spend on this versatile crafty hobby.

In 2014 I will be present as a vendor at Blythecon Europe, I am already looking forward to it!

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