Friday, March 9

Cherrily Merrily Etsy shop

I just uploaded some cute necklaces etc. to my Etsy shop Cherrily Merrily. I love the one with the bow, I made one for myself too :) Same goes for the Love Blythe necklace, I love that one because it's perfect to show off my love for Blythe... subtly.

In my shop, there are also some mid century modern inspired digital art designs available for download. Why? While searching online for nice retro prints for my own mid century inspired home, I was surprised to find that the only option was to have a print sent halfway accross the world... what a hassle! I decided to create my own print, and liked them so much I decided to make them available for other people.

One of my faves is this one... I know owls are a bit 2010 but I guess this one is quirky and retro enough to survive 2012 ;)

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