Tuesday, May 15

Making pretty things

I have been spending time making jewelry. Mostly bracelets, but I thought I'd show you some necklaces for a change ;) I enjoy making cute stuff more and more and I am even thinking of getting a stall on a craft market... But I have no experience at all with having a market stall, since I always sell through my Etsy shop so I'm not too sure what to expect.

By the way, today my bracelets have been featured in the most dreamy Etsy treasury! I am so proud, this was exactly what I was thinking about when making the bracelet set.

Talking about being proud, and about making pretty things... My friend Filipa had an interview about her doll magazine Tiny Feet. I understand only 10% of what she is saying (it is in Portuguese) but I am proud nevertheless. Tiny Feet is a truly beatiful concept and it is a perfect showcase of Filipa's creative talent and eye for detail.

1 comment:

Filipa said...

you almost made me cry now!*
you know i could not have made it without you you'r our shopping expert! :) it is OUR magazine, of all of us who make it real!*