Monday, May 28

Weekend bliss

I am enjoying another awesome long weekend..! The weather is perfect, and the projects are numerous ;)

First of all, I am making more jewellery and preparing to be have them featured on a small but busy fair. My personal favourite are the gold necklaces, it is quite hard to keep myself from keeping them all for myself. The spring colours in combination with the gold is just so funky and cute.


Secondly, I am dress obsessing! I did a quick analysis of my dress collection, and most of my dresses (and definitely my favourite ones) are from Closet. The rest is Viva Boutique, Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Warehouse and some random ones. There is only one vintage dress, I thought I should probably should do something about that. So I found this awesome dress on Marktplaats, I am currently waiting for the seller's answer... She lives nearby so I'm crossing my fingers!

Last but not least, I went thriftshopping (again!) with mr Merrily. He actually suggested it himself, I was quite shocked :) We found this cute bag and some other stuff.

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Ruby Girl said...

so many gorgeous pieces. inspiring! love the polka dotted bag, for SURE! xoxo linds {{}}