Monday, June 4

DIY Project: Super Easy Sewing Machine Cover

My sewing machine came with a very flimsy cover. It was white, thin and ugly and I think I already ripped it on my way home from buying the machine. I made a quick fabric one once to replace it, but there was still quite some work involved and it looked very wonky because of the shape of the sewing machine.

So some time ago I found a quick, cheap and super easy way to make a sewing machine cover. Actually it is so easy it is absurd, and surprisingly it looks good and does the job better than most fabric covers. Plus there's no need to break the bank (I think mine was 1 euro) and you have the fun of shopping around for a cute print ;) Don't we all just loooove cute prints?

If you are going to do this little project, please share your pics and experiences!

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Boelie said...

Yup, I also made one a while ago (after I saw yours). It's a zebra print!