Tuesday, July 3

Berlin, friends and dolls...

My boyfriend and me went to Berlin for a few days. We had never been there before and we love city trips... so Blythecon Europe (a Blythe doll collector's convention) was the perfect excuse to finally get our butts there :)

First let me show you some highlights of our trip that could be tips if you are planning a trip to Berlin...

Very comfortable and quite affordable modern hotel in the northern part of Mitte. You get 50% off the breakfast if you register for a MAS card while you are there. We loved everything about this hotel! Oh and the view you get while waiting for the elevators is pretty unique!

Art & Toys exhibition in Me collector's room.
Also has a shop and a food corner with good soups and burgers :)
The small Ramones museum is actually worth a visit because of the laid back bar and cool set up they have. A perfect place to chill if you like punk and rock 'n roll.
Restaurant Neu has A-MA-ZING food. 
Try the Tomato-Mozarellla dish. You will be quite surprised.

As for shopping addresses, here's a few:

I absolutely adored the selection of brands I saw in SOMA, a clothes shop with an alternative side. Actually I liked so many pieces in this shop that I ended up buying nothing.

Tukadu is an extraordinary shop that sells beads and other jewelry making supplies. Really very special, not the usual stuff.

Superficial is a shop that is awesomely stylish, with a retro fluo vibe.

What felt different from most large cities we have been to, is that there is a lot of space to breathe and relax in Berlin. It doesn't really feel like a huge city and I bet it would be too awesome to live in! 

And the doll convention... BCEU.. it was so awesome! A day filled with catching up with old friends, meeting new friends and seeing lots of dolls!

My friend's stand: Tiny Feet

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