Sunday, August 5

Work hard, spend harder!

I believe that there are two types of shoppers: The Classic Shopper may absolutely love shopping, but she needs shops to have clean concepts, with a well put together collection. She rarely shops by herself but when she does, she asks the help of a sales person. The Bargain Hunter goes the extra mile to find an item she loves. The shop can be chaotic, the item can be on the bottom of a pile... as long as it is what she loves and it is on sale she will buy it.

Apparently, I fall in the last category. I don't like stores that are really warm or crowded, but the chaos of a sales corner will often have my attention. So when I was completely exhausted after this week's work, I went on a bargain hunt. And it definitely was bargain season! I challenged myself to buy nothing at H&M for a change and came back with 4 dresses, 5 tops and 3 accessories (tights and bracelets) without breaking the bank.

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