Tuesday, August 28

Love Ikea

I can't help myself, I just love Ikea. The fact that we have one right around the corner means that 90% of our furniture is either Ikea or vintage. I always joke around that if I would suddenly need a new career, I can always go work at Ikea since I know their collection by heart anyway.

So the new catalogue is out, and I couldn't wait to sneak a peak...
These are some of my likes:
Raskog has finally landed in the Netherlands...
Not sure what to use it for yet, but I want it anyway!
The Kvissle is so practical, I think we need one.
Apparently you can buy an insert for Vika Alex?
These are so cute and very cheap!
And last, but not least... This guy.
So go check out the online version of the catalogue, it has lots of cool features...

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