Sunday, September 2

Holiday Celebrate Thrifting Saturday

So right now, my boyfriend and me are on a holiday in Tunesia. I thought I'd do a bit of blogging from here. Saturday, when I was still at home I went to 2 nearby thrift shops and it was awesome. One of the things I saw but didn't get was this old Polaroid camera. Also, I saw this knitting magazine with a famous local TV personality on it, in her very young years:

Or what do think about this book about the fine art of aerobics? ;)

What I did buy where a bag and a pair of shoes. The shoes were actually brand new and exactly my size! This is rather uncommon since I am mostly between sizes.The heel is rather high for me but very sturdy so I should be able to walk on them... The bag is awesome! It's dark orange and probably from the seventies. The handle can be folded underneath the leather strap so the purse actually becomes a clutch.

Last but not least, there is some goods news for local peeps who are -like me- waiting for the Primark in Eindhoven to open. Both shops that have to go in order to make room for it, have already closed their doors!

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