Thursday, December 6

Easy enamel ear stud tutorial

I spotted the cutest enamelled ear studs on pinterest and naturally my first thought was "I can do that"! So here is a quick tutorial...

- small lasercut wood shapes or a thin material to cut a cute shape from
- plain ear studs
- nail polish
- artists' varnish gloss or another hard glossy top coat
- Strong glue, I recommend E6000


1. Pick a cute shape and put a thick layer of nail polish on it. Let it rest until it is completely dry.

2. Put a thick layer of artists' varnish gloss on it. Let that dry completely too.

3. Glue the stud to the back.

All materials can be found in craft stores or on eBay.
If you are lusting after the laser cut wooden shapes I used, they are sold at Xenos (dutch shop). I can give away a few sets, just leave a comment below!


Nessa H said...

I am so interested!

Juul Victoria said...

You guys! Try this with wooden earplugs for your stretched piercings :) I know I will!!

Brenda said...

Good idea Juul :)

Nessa, you can send your address to my email(in my profile).