Monday, December 3

Thrift 2 Craft (or: yards of yarn)

So for my first ever blog post I decided to share a true Team Teacup experience: I did some serious thrifting for crafty purposes! After wading through yards of acrylic and fantasy yarns at a yarn-discount I found this gorgeous labelless 100% wool in pink and green. It looks handdyed, very pretty and I bet it has been lying around for 2 centuries. I'm no yarnsnob, but still a little picky about my materials.

So, at 1,95 a skein, I couldn't stop myself from almost clearing their stock. Winding it into manageable balls is another story, which, after a night of me cursing those knots and a day of him helping me, my boyfriend now knows all about. And as you can see, I'm not done yet...

Yarn discount, what's that? Do those even exist? It's probably only in a city which has no commercial cinema that can you find a yarn discount store. ('de Wolhook', Venlo) Any advice on what to knit is more than welcome, but first I must finish these socks. Almost there!! Oh, and you can find me on Ravelry (JuulVictoria) for more yarny updates.

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Lydwien said...

Nice footage!