Thursday, December 20

Kitsch vintage art girls

On my many trips to flea markets and thrift shops I have seen heaps of terrible vintage art. Sometimes it's really hard to imagine that anyone, at any given time in the past, has ever loved it. Every once in a while though, something really cute catches my eye. I have a soft spot for kitschy portraits... especially those with a lot of character. These are my favourite ones:

The Poodle Girl
My mum just stared in disbelief when I cried out how much I loved and wanted this kitschy reproduction. Why would I want something so weird? Well, there is just something about her blonde hair, doll eyes and corny poodles that makes me swoon.

See it on my wall here.

The Scarf Girl
This small kid's print on wood has a sweet, melancholic touch to it. I don't even remember where I got it but I fell in love with it instantly.

The harlequin girl
A sixties harlequin girl with a doll face and a poodle... I didn't even care the print on wood was horribly yellowed. I needed this weird piece of kitsch art!

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