Tuesday, December 18

Tiny bit of crafty x-mas shopping

Yesterday my mother took me on a surprise mini-shoppingtrip to Kempen (Germany). In spite of the rain and the little amount of time we had, I had the best afternoon ever: Kempen has a gorgeous historical city centre and such lovely stores, it's really cute!

In our quick tour of the inner city we found a craft store, yarn store, vintage/antiques shop, 2nd hand treasure store, cute fabric & gifts shop and no time left for the second fabric store. Not to mention the lovely bakery (lebkuchen!) and the gorgeous christmas decorations everywhere!

German people are great at christmas, I tell you ;)

And, in case you were wondering where the needles from that Lana Grossa package went... I'm knitting this.

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Brenda said...

I love lebkuchen, I literally ate half a bag of those just yesterday... Kempen seems a nice place (TWO fabric stores!?), must pay a visit some time!