Tuesday, February 12

Dropping that Spindle

I finally tried it, I have spun my very first own yarn!

I always thought spinning yarn would be super hard, whether using a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. Then I saw some youtube video's which made it look super easy! I went to ask my mum about it, because she's my very own craft-expert. Of course she had several drop spindles, a spinning wheel and loads of wool hidden away. She gave me a drop spindle, wool and a bit of advice and so I went home and made this:

So I went from two singles to a 2-ply...

...put it in a skein....

...and immediately spun my second batch!

See those cute tags? They were part of my birthday present from Brenda! They are supposed to be for cookies and cupcakes but I think my yarn is just as yummy...

PS. Oh, and I made this:

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