Wednesday, February 6

Blanket Bag

I've seen bags like these in an expensive design store and the only thing I thought was: I could totally make that! The boyfriend must have thought I was crazy when I came home with a second hand torn woollen blanket, but once I found the perfect wooden handles I sewed up this beauty.

I sewed it by hand using embroidery floss held together with fishing wire. I put in a wedged panel at the bottom so it can hold more stuff.  I always put loads of stuff in my bag just in case, if you're not like that you can leave the panel out. Extra added bonus: if you're cold, put the bag on your lap. It was a blanket once, it knows what to do.

Afterthought: Why don't I show you the inside as well? Ribbon kindly donated by my crafty mother and tag by Mollie Makes.


Sil said...

Love it! The handles are awesome!

Juul Victoria said...

Thanks :) Today I'll get to use it for the first time, yay!