Sunday, August 25

A week of random crafts

No day is too short to do a little crafting. I came up with a week worth of little craft projects. These projects do not take hours of your time but do lift your mood and make you feel all crafty... instantly.

Take a basic coin purse (This one is real leather, has 3 compartments and was 4 euro at Flying Tiger) and sew some random, colourful buttons on it to add some retro funkiness.

Make a necklace that goes with your newest outfit. If you don't have any beads etc. at hand check if you can use pieces of old unwanted jewelry.

Try out your pompon making skills. You can make a keychain or if you have no clue what to do with them yet (like me) just use them as room decoration.

Make a cute pouch for your favourite pair of sunglasses. Line it with soft fabric and add vintage buttons.

Try polymer clay (fimo) for the very first time and try not to mess up too much. Make simple earstuds so you will actually get to wear your first bakings!

Feel like a kid again and do some spool knitting (punniken!). Make a very grown-up necklace with it.

Make your own stamps out of foam sheets. Use them to make a basic notepad super cute! (washi tape optional)

Hope you have a crafty week!

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