Friday, August 23

Fave five craft inspirations

Do you need crafting inspiration, tutorials, patterns even? I know I do! Here's my five favourite sources of crafting inspiration!

1. Mollie Makes
This magazine is just so inspiring and cute! I love that it always comes with a little craft kit :) Even if I don't always make something from the magazine, it sure is eye candy! I like to read the UK version instead of the Dutch version, because it is more frequent. Subscriptions are now 15% off with the code SUMMER15! (Valid until August 29)

2. Pinterest
Of course. Pinterest, place of great inspiration... How can you make us feel so productive while staring at a screen?

3. Craftgawker
Like pinterest, but without the thinspiration... craftgawker is the place to find your next crafting project. I especially like the fact that there are different categories.

4. Crafting books
So many fun crafting books, so little time! Vintage ones, new ones... who can resist? I purchased "Creatief met stempels" ("Put your stamp on it" by Meagan Lewis) today.

5. Etsy
What better way to be inspired than to see what everyone else is making and selling. Just don't copy-paste someone else's brainchild when you're planning to sell your makings!

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